Friday, January 23, 2009

Have You Enjoyed Your Bert Recently

Josie is in the single command phase: "out!", "up!", "nuk!", "snack!", "oose (juice)!", "eeed (read)!". Unfortunately, for now, many of her commands are difficult to understand. We can usually puzzle out what she wants after a series of clarifying questions (this? no, this? or is it this?). All of her commands are always delivered with a lot of authority, urgency, and enthusiasm.

Two nights ago we were having dinner. We started with lentils and rice but Josie rejected the "ice" as she called the lentils and rice and so we gave her macaroni and cheese. Halfway through dinner Josie starts demanding "Bert, bert, bert!!" and pointing vigorously towards the table. Now on the table were a variety of items, none of which sounded anything like Bert. We had fruit salad, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, and juice to pick from, along with the rejected lentils and rice. Eventually after much pointing and offering of different things, it became clear that "bert" was lentils and rice. Josie ended up eating a lot of bert, once we figured out what it was.

She had a lovely meal of bert again the next day for lunch.

By the way, when Josie started yelling for Bert, Lucy helpfully offered that Bert was one of the people on Sesame Street.

By the by the way, I grew up in the lentil capital of the world. Maybe they should consider changing the lentil festival to the Bert Festival.

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