Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Labor Day Weekend Full of Labor

In this picture you can see some of the work that Tom and Mitch did this weekend - check out that beautiful woodwork on the front of the little house.

And in this picture you can see what handsome devils Allie and Tom are.

We had a great labor day weekend. Our friends Allie and Tom came north from San Diego for the weekend and were our first guests to grace the little house! Tom came up expressly to help Mitch continue working on the little house and he arrived with two bags full of tools. I was super glad to have Allie's company and spending the time with her transformed the weekend from another one of singlemomdom into a fun adventure.

The heat finally broke on Saturday which luckily coincided with Allie and Tom's arrival on the train. On Friday I set up the wading pool on the deck for the girls and they had a great time playing naked slip and slide on the deck and splashing water everywhere. Saturday we went to a birthday party for a three year old friend of ours at Marina Park (one of our two favorite beach playgrounds and the site of Lucy's third and fourth birthday parties). We took Allie and Tom along and then went home for quiet time.

Sunday Allie and I took the girls to the swimming pool and then for an afternoon visit to the park. Monday we snuck in a beach visit and some Mexican food before Allie and Tom had to head out on the train. It was great to see them and it was fantastic to have all their help with the little house and the girl wrangling. Their visit proves that while incomplete, the little house is now livable (it even has electricity via an extension cord).

I will post pictures soon of all the recent work but for now you will have to make do with words and this one picture since it is now dark outside. They put beautiful wood panels on the front of the house and put all the siding on the remaining two sides. So now all that is left on the outside is to paint and stain!


TiffanyB said...

Awesome! And you're right... Tom and Allie are handsome devils. Sounds like a great weekend.

christycrow said...

T. I wish you could have been here. As always, missing you. I promise to write a long e-mail while on a break at work tomorrow to catch you up since the phone has been an elusive member of my family recently. Hope you are well!