Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty good weekend, considering

Ray's going away party was held at King Gillette Ranch (yes, the razor guy). A spectacular setting for a hell of a party.

Considering the fact that Josie is sick with a cold and maybe also a kidney infection and woke us up at least every two hours every night this weekend. And considering that Mitch and Seth and Elise continued to work on the house on Saturday and Sunday. And considering that today was too damn windy (Tiffany, can I hear an "amen"). Considering all that, it was still a pretty darn good weekend. Mitch and I took the girls to the zoo on Friday and then went to Ray's going away party. Ray's party was amazing. He has accomplished so much in his 8 million years (it's really something like 16 or 14 or 12) at the park and he has built an incredible number of friendships and strong professional relationships over that time. The turn out for his party was crazy with about 12 different land management agencies represented, at least two different universities, local politicians, etc. The setting was great too - outside at King Gillette Ranch. There were tons of kids there and the weather was great so Lucy and Josie had a blast running all over the inside and outside for two hours. Despite Lena's hard work with the caterers, BBQ still totally SUCKS for vegetarians - the lettuce wraps were carrots and iceberg lettuce - where is the protein for the love beef/pig/chicken???

Saturday I wrangled the girls while cleaning the house and then took them to the park, naps, and thrift stores. Sunday we all went to the swimming pool and then Mitch and Seth and Elise started up on the house again while the girls and I went to the mall to play. Not too shabby overall.

Hopefully Josie will feel better soon so we can all get some sleep.

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TiffanyB said...

you bet -- Amen sista! Not a fan of the wind.... (turns out that it's very infrequently windy here, which is nice).