Wednesday, November 4, 2009

J.B. Kidney update

Mitch took Josie to the urologist today all by himself. She had her second voiding cystourethrogram. A painful procedure that she didn't like but that they were able to do without sedation. It turns out that she still has some reflux from her bladder back to her kidney on her bad side (I can't remember whether it is the right or the left). Before her surgery her reflux was classified as grade IV and now it is classified as grade I or grade 1.5 so that is a significant improvement. The urologist recommended that we finally take her off antibiotics but he also suggested that she will likely get some more kidney infections. He said the reflux may resolve itself as she gets older or she may have to have another surgery. He suggested waiting 2 years to see what happens. Now the priorities are to get her potty trained and get her to pee more often. Apparently she holds in her pee even when her bladder is full which puts a lot of extra pressure on the bladder and may be the cause of her reflux at this point.

So that's what we know for now. Not the 100% cure that we were hoping for but still a significant improvement.

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