Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little House Update - New Deck to Connect to the Big House

I think we are finally in the home stretch on the little house. Here are some pictures from two weeks ago when Mitch finished up the deck to connect the little house to the big house. The color of decking that we used on the deck several years ago when we made put it in so we picked a color that would look good with our original color.

Since then, Mitch and Seth installed the hardwood floor. I kept asking Mitch if he wanted to rent a nail gun. Finally the bending nails annoyed him so much that he did rent a nail gun. The compressor crapped out at first but once he got a new compressor, they had the floor done lickety split. It looks great. I'll take some photos this weekend.

Remaining tasks: paint trim near roof; finish metal siding; fix door stop; put back in door locks; put in window sills for outside upper windows; touch up paint on doors and inside; put in molding on hardwood floor; install fancy plywood under eaves.

Maybe two more weekends? Maybe three. Then, finally, fix up the yard!


TiffAnn said...

cool! the little house looks great!

Allie-Cat said...

The little house is gorgous, from ceiling to floor, as is your new garden area. I'm with you on liking wildness in my green spaces, but given your shade constraint it's a lovely compromise. BTW, that book I was telling you about is not Julian and George, it's Arthur and George (by Julian Barnes). Enjoy your finally finished deck and yard!