Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Vacation in Santa Cruz

We're on vacation in Santa Cruz with Jim and Barbara. It is always fun to visit Santa Cruz because there is so much to do here. We've been to Loch Lomond and rowed boats, built sand castles on the beach, and today we went to the boardwalk. Josie and Lucy piloted some little boats in a little kid ride. Josie was captain of the Crabster (quite appropriate I think as she can be occasionally crabby). While Lucy steered Little Charlie. Josie couldn't see Lucy's boat from where she was as the central pillar of the ride (a lighthouse) was in the way. She spent the whole ride craning her neck and asking where her sister was.

Being in Santa Cruz makes me miss our friends Tiffany and Jason even more than ever. They lived here for several years and we always had fun visiting them here. I agree with Tiff's assessment though, the many people here who ride their bikes on the sidewalk despite a plenitude of ample bike lanes, are annoying. This town is also very serious about its recycling. Amazing that you can't go more than ten feet without encountering a recycling bin.


TiffAnn said...

they still are riding bikes on the sidewalks there?!?! what is wrong with those people?

Casey's mom said...

When I was cali kid Santa Cruz was my number one destination. The Big Dipper rocks. I also was a big fan of Monteray. But I think Monterey has done away with the big abandoned canaries full of danger you can climb on and creepy junk shops. Those where to good old days when my parents gave me five bucks and dump me off at the beach and came back ten hours later.