Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No pictures but at least some words

I decided that setting the bar too high is preventing posting. Loading photos is a big pain in my world (have to take card out of camera, put in computer, process photos, whine, whine, whine). So instead, some words.

We had a fabulous action packed weekend. One night camping with 22 kindergarden and first graders at Carpinteria state beach. We all walked around Carpinteria, explored the beach, ate burritos, and went on a night hike. Ruby Pancake had clearly never been camping before and dragged me all over the campground. In the tent she ran circles around the inside of the tent rubbing herself against the walls. The tent is now covered in dog hair...

For day two we packed up the tent, unloaded the camping gear and drove down to San Diego for Becca's 40th b-day. Becca and Rob through an AMAZING party in a local photography studio in North Park. We ate thai food, sang a couple of silly songs that we wrote for Becca ("Here's to You, Becca Lewison" to the tune of Mrs. Robinson) and DANCED the night away. Big thanks to Becca and Rob for such an excellent party.

We spent Sunday at the luxurious del Mar house that B and R were renting. We got to spend time with Tiffany and Jason, Tim and Caitlin, and more and meet some of Becca's friends from other parts of her life. We went to the Del Mar dog beach in the afternoon and had dinner with Tim and Caitlin.

A good time was had by all. After spending a few hours in the deluxe del Mar house now I'm trying to figure out what small home improvement projects we could do around here to up the swank factor...

the end.

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TiffAnn said...

Yes, words are enough if it means we'll hear more about you and yours. Funny, just yesterday, we chatted about bloggin with a grower at the farmer's market and all agreed that pictures are a block to more frequent posting. Indeed, that's what's kept me from posting to our garden journal-blog in over a year -- except for us, pictures of our garden booty is the best part (at least to visitors) of our posts.

More words please -- when you are able. Like, what are you reading these days?