Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Presidential Debate - a Tie?

O.k., first off, I didn't get to watch the whole thing and when I was watching I was also listening to Josie and Lucy and feeding Josie and Lucy. So I wasn't the best observer. Still it seemed like they both did pretty well. Both McCain and Obama came off as intelligent people in my opinion. Which isn't any big surprise since they are both smart people. Of course, being a big Obama supporter, I thought his answers made more sense than McCains but overall, it seemed like a tie to me.

My biggest question is did my friend's Tiffany and Jason go to the debate since it was in their home town? Was it hard to get in? What was it like in person? Maybe Tiff will post a comment here and tell us all about it.

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Tiffany A said...

Only the very lucky were able to actually attend the debate. The venue is our performing arts center, which is a very nice building, but it's pretty small. Most seats went to people in high, important places, although some seats were given to students via a lottery. Instead, the debate was broadcast on big screens on the Square and on campus in the Grove, so much of Oxford watched from there.

The town was all abuzz, but it seems as though most of the big names (e.g., John Kerry, Bill Richardson, John Grisham and the like) barely left the secure area of the debate venue, so I think it was a little bit of a let down for the townspeople. I thought that Oxford deserved some face time from the candidates, but they apparently wheeled in and wheeled out. I feel a little jilted. Even so, it was really exciting and we're happy that it happened and without a hitch (some certain protesters made noise about showing but actually didn't).

We think too that it the debate outcome was a tie, but considering that foreign policy is McCain's thang, it's a win for Obama.