Thursday, September 30, 2010

Foster Dogs I Have Known

Birdie was such a sweet and soulful dog...
Tiffany and Birdie really hit it off.

We fostered two dogs over the summer - Lola a dachshund pit bull mix who we almost kept forever until she started growling at the girls - and Birdie a lovely lab mix who we took camping for a week but didn't keep because she wanted to chase all small creatures and seemed to be aggressive towards other dogs on leash. Tiffany and Birdie fell in love and Tiff and Jason and Seth and Elise helped take care of Birdie. Both Birdie and Lola have now found their forever homes and we are still on the search for the perfect family dog for us (good with kids, good with cats, can be left alone without incessant barking, good with other dogs, no food aggression, no toy aggression, not aggressive to other dogs...).

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TiffAnn said...

Aw little Bird. Glad to hear she's found a (hopefully) good and forever home. Such a sweetie. Search on C., search on.