Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lucy's Birthday Bike

Lucy had her birthday a couple months back. I am pretty far behind on the old blog so I'm just going to post some cute pictures that I found on our digital camera. Here are Lucy and Josie riding their new push bikes (called park racers) that Mitch got off Craigslist. Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sue sent Lucy some money for her birthday and we used it to buy the girls these bikes. They love them! Lucy is doing great on hers and we are getting close to taking the training wheels off her strawberry shortcake bike. Josie can actually stand and push with hers now (in this picture she is a little too short and has to stand on tip toe).


Sandy said...

so cool! i heard really great things about these training bikes. i want one for tyler, but i think he is too tall for one now.

Sandy said...

Awesome bikes! We've been looking for one for Tyler, but he is too big for one now. We really wished we started him on one of these.