Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Uncle Jerm's Visit

Uncle Jeremy came for a visit for his and Lucy's birthdays (his birthday is 6/5, Lucy's is 6/6). We had a great time during his visit although I think I am getting a reputation in my family for subjecting people to little kid birthday parties. When my dad visited a couple of months ago we went to two birthday parties including one that involved glow sticks, disco music and bouncy houses. This visit Jeremy "got" to attend not only Lucy's party but also her friend Ben's party. Uncle Jerm was, per usual, a great sport about the whole thing.

I also took Jeremy and JoJo on a short hike in beautiful Zuma Canyon. We saw a few birds and even some butterflies. During his visit, Uncle Jerm gave the girls a cake frosting lesson (see pictures above). It is always great fun when Jeremy visits and we hope we can arrange more visits soon. We love you Uncle Jerm.

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