Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Update

Ruby next to the trash can full of her dog bed and three pillows that she destroyed while we were gone on vacation. She had a great time at the beach this weekend.
Lucy talking on the phone to Grandpa Tom. She is surrounded by the pillows I got to replace those Ruby destroyed. Yes, she is wearing her swimsuit. We were on our way out to the swimming pool at the Y.

The girls enjoyed their lunch under our new patio umbrella thanks to my birthday money. The odd lump to the right is Ruby's dog bed drying after its flea bath.
Yes, this is the infamous astroturf and the swinging bar. Believe it or not, it looked worse before the astroturf. Not to mention the huge clouds of dust the girls kicked up with all their swinging. Before all the yard needed was a car on blocks, now all it needs are two pink flamingos or a chihuahua.
Post-pedicure. I picked Blue Grosbeak/Lazuli Bunting blue.Yay! The hammock is back.

Weekend highlights:

Pedicure with Elise. Totally relaxing, great chitchat time. Only the second pedicure that I have ever had. Only removed approx. 20% of my intense foot calluses, thus leaving my hard working feet still protected from the evils of the world. I picked blue for blue grosbeaks and lazuli buntings.

Went to the beach with Rick, Jonas, Elliot and Leona. Lucy continues to rule the waves in the boogie boarding department. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We all had a good time, including Ruby Pancake.

Yard work. Picked up a years worth of leaves. Covered the insane dirt field with... astroturf since nothing else will withstand the girls foot dragging while they play on the swinging bar. Perhaps more on the yard woes in another post but for now, rock on astroturf.

Bought yard stuff. With birthday money got a new yellow umbrella for the patio table. Also put up fun flower lights and generally improved the backyard grooviness.

Played Dance Central on the XBox Kinect with Mitch. I don't crush him in this game like I did on wii on the cruise ship but it is still fun.

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TiffAnn said...

Yeah! the backyard is looking great! personally, I don't think the astroturf is bad. great solution. Love the toes. And even if an occasional destroyer, Ruby is adorable.