Saturday, May 24, 2008

Puddle Jumping, Dog Seeking, Phone Calls from the Past, Other Random Noise

I've got no themes to work with today. No driving obsessions or small moments that seem to encapsulate life, the universe, and everything. Instead I offer this potluck of daily living.

It rained today so Lucy and I went out in our raincoats and rubber boots and jumped in mud puddles. Lucy did most of the jumping. She was pretty darn happy to be jumping in mud puddles. And who wouldn't be? All that splashing.

Lucy, Mitch, Josie and I went to our local dog rescue place today to look at dogs. I didn't see any clear winners at first but it was pretty chaotic and I was too worried about making sure Lucy didn't stick any of her limbs into the cages to really look at the dogs. I went back later by myself and met this extremely cute, friendly little Chihuahua mix. I filled out an adoption application on him but so did three other people so we'll see. I'm going to take Lucy back to meet him tomorrow. It is scary trying to pick a dog for the whole family. Especially with the little people. As I have said, I am fully committed to the whole dog thing and think having a family dog will be great. But finding the right dog is a huge responsibility. Especially since Mitch isn't that psyched on the dog idea anyway. I am trying to invoke all of my animal instincts, book learning, patience, and general dog jujitsu to make a good decision. We have plenty of time on our quest for the perfect dog so if it doesn't work out with the Chihuahua, I'll keep looking.

One of my friends from my evergreen days, Lisa Serrano, called during the week. I finally got to talk to her this weekend. It was great to hear how she was doing and give each other the sixty second rundown on our lives. Lisa is a dog-owning, house-owning, civic-minded, quirky, funny, union certified electrician in Portland. I hope to go visit her someday.

My friend Matt had a link on his website to this amazing poet named Taylor Mali. I am posting a link to one of his bad-ass poems here.

Other than that, not much is going on around here. We had rain, now sun, and I am trying to rest up in anticipation of the BIOBLITZ at work next weekend. More later.

ciao, or is that Chihuahua?

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