Sunday, July 20, 2008

Does a week day off by any other name taste as sweet?

I work four ten hour days a week. This schedule has a number of advantages, not the least of which is eliminating one day a week of driving a 44 mile commute. One of the other big advantages is a full extra day a week with Mitch and the girls. I also get a few extra hours at work to myself at the end of each work day. These hours are often my most productive. I usually work Monday through Thursday and have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off every week. But for six weeks every summer, I change to a Tuesday through Friday schedule so that my schedule better matches ten high school students who work for us for six weeks every summer. They work Tuesday through Saturday and start at a brutally early 7 AM instead of the 7:30 that I usually start.

I have no idea why, but having Monday off instead of Friday totally sucks. Somehow the extra Monday doesn’t even feel like the weekend. And by the time Friday rolls around, even though I’ve had Monday off, I’m exhausted. There is just something inherently more lame about a Monday off than a Friday. I know all of the typical three day weekends are Mondays. I can’t tell you why, but somehow once Sunday has passed, it feels like the weekend is over. Even if I have another day off. And during the work week, having to work Friday just makes the week seem so LONG. Call me a whiner (I am definitely whining here), but Monday and Friday are not equal. I can’t wait until the second week of August when I get to go back to my privileged, beloved, Monday through Thursday schedule.

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