Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Daily News

Not much to report from daily living here in Ventura I'm afraid. I feel better about writing blog posts when I have some sort of theme or short essay format in mind. I've got nothing. But rather than languish unattended and let my blog get all dusty in the corner, I'll just post some random noise from daily living.

Mitch, Lucy, Josie, and I had a great four day weekend. Sometimes I feel like the government is stingy and is looking after your tax dollars a little too well. But one of the ways in which the government is incredibly nice is that if a paid holiday happens to fall on a day that you normally don't work, you get an extra day off so that you don't get shorted a paid holiday. Since the fourth of July is a Friday this year (and I don't work Fridays), I got to take Monday off instead. So we just had a blissfully long four day weekend.

Our four day weekend was plenty of time to get a little cleaning done around the house (mop the floors, vacuum, do some bush trimming in the yard) and still do lots of fun things with the girls like go jump at the bouncy place, take Lucy to a stamping party at Ray and Sandy's house, and spend lots of time at the park. I also made my rounds of all of the dog adoption places in a 40 mile radius of my house.

The weather was lovely and we spent lots of time outside. Lucy is really into wearing dresses these days (she calls all dresses "ballet dresses"). Since she is such a gonzo climber, runner, faller, nut job, we make her wear pants under her dresses. So these days she regularly looks like the hippie girls I went to college with who wore jeans under their dresses. It is a crazy adorable fashion statement for a three year old.

Josie is her usual chipper self. She is quite the land stander these days is likes to torment Lucy by pulling all of Lucy's toys off the shelves in the living room. She also crawls FAST and regularly tries to make it out into the backyard if we leave the door open for a milli-second.

The cats have fleas (damn cats). They have also been unusually affectionate recently because Seth and Elise were out of town (no neighborly petting for them). I notice that tonight I have yet to see Katafanga and low and behold, Seth and Elise got back last night...

Other than that, my tomatoes are taking over my entire raised bed garden and Lucy's school sunflower has gotten spectacularly large. We will cut it down soon and give room for Lorenza's sunflower to take over its spot. We didn't get around to trying to tie up the tomatoes this weekend so that will have to be a fourth of July project. We re-did about half of the side yard a couple of weekends ago. I hope to finish that project over the fourth of July weekend as well. I had to get rid of the lovely purple flowers I planted when we first moved here. They are too sprawling and have to be trimmed every month to make enough room to get the stroller down the walkway. So now a new approach, small grasses and rocks. See it here------>

That's about all there is to report from here in Ventura.


Tiffany A said...

There's a theme there: life is good!

Tiffany A said...

p.s. and yes, it's better to not let the blog get dusty. Your fan base wants regular posts even if just about a nice weekend with the kids and about gardening. Great pictures! That's one giant sunflower.