Saturday, June 21, 2008

letters from the past, I leave my baby and my baby leaves me in the dust, and more

So I've been sorting through boxes I packed in 1998. Most of them are full of correspondence. Notes from junior high school, notes from high school. Lots of letters from my mom. My mom and my friend Sarah were my two most constant correspondents. Many visually stunning cards and letters (hand made) from Sarah and Lisa. Reading old journals was embarrassing but I feel like I should save them so I can more easily relate to Lucy and Josie's high drama later in life (who am I kidding later in life? Lucy is already a drama queen...). It seems like adolescence is all about the high drama. College, hard to say. All about thinking you are thinking profound thoughts when you're not really? Or all about learning how not to be an a**hole? I wonder what I will think this period of my life is all about when I look back on it?

So I've only been away from home for three days and I'm going back tomorrow. Meanwhile Josie has left me in the dust! She learned how to pull up to standing while I'm gone. Teach a mom never to leave home will you? Girlfriend, cut your mom a break. Can't you wait a couple days on the big innovations until I'm back???

Funny update from weekend edition on NPR. Clothes shopping for teenage girls requires rules these days, like no words on your butt (juicy ring a bell anyone?). Great interview with a recent author of a book called laughing without an accent. The interview was hilarious. I'll have to read the book myself.

I continued my dog quest while abroad in the Palouse. I found a wonderful Australian shepherd mix at the Moscow humane society. He was perfect in every way except that he snapped at a couple of pitbulls in a nearby cage, thus eliminating him from consideration. Dogs that fight other dogs may end up with a small human in the way. I can't have that. Trying to be a hard-ass on the adoption front is hard work. I want to take them all home. Luckily this place was a no kill shelter and it seemed pretty groovy so I know this dog will find a good home eventually.

Ice cream cake and magic bullets all around. Our summer Solstice pre-birthday birthday celebration was a good time. Also went sailing on lake Coeur d'alene.

Lucy's been taking digital photos. Check them out at

Going home to Mitch, Lucy, and Josie tomorrow. Then a whole new legion of minions start work next week...Summer rolls on.

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