Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dog Search Update

We miss our perfect family dog, Cleo, who died one year ago.
It turns out that Lucy hasn't missed much that's going on on the dog front.

A couple of things this week on the dog front. Yesterday morning Lucy, Josie, and I went to Lowes to buy some plants and rocks to convert the area next to our front door from a giant litter box to an attractive planting. While we were there, Lucy got into a conversation with the checker about her new pet dog - a lovely pink thing with giant eyes that sleeps, eats, and whimpers. The checker asked Lucy if that was her dog and Lucy said, "Our dog died." And then she goes, "But we're thinking about getting another one." Whoa - we haven't talked about Cleo's dying in several weeks if not months. And I thought Lucy hadn't even picked up on the fact that I was looking for another dog despite our two visits to the Humane Society a couple of weeks ago. Apparently she is fully aware of everything that goes on!

Anyway, since our retraction of our Briggs adoption application I went online and put in an application to a local lab rescue group, looking for a family dog that would be good with little kids and cats. Meanwhile I also went to the local Animal Regulation shelter and found what could be a good dog for us, a female lab mix. She seems like a good dog - submissive but not too scared, people oriented, and not too big. But I couldn't take her out to walk her around and check her out until two weeks go by. So on June 17th I'll go check her out with Lucy and if she does well, then we'll try going back to adopt her on the 23rd when I get back from visiting my dad. If someone else adopts her in the meantime then we'll have to find another dog.

The quest continues.

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Tiffany A said...

I know of the perfect dog for you. Wish you were here to adopt her or that she was there. :-(