Thursday, June 19, 2008

Visiting the Home Country

Well I have abandoned my offspring to the humid high temps. and their more than able Dad in order to visit lovely Pullman, Washington for the weekend. It is my Dad's 66th birthday (and, as most of you know, my 36th birthday since we have the same birthday 30 years apart). It is lovely weather here in Pullman, in the 70's, and everything is very green. It is a good time of year to visit.

My brother came over from Seattle and I am enjoying hassling him immensely. I am trying to exert a year's worth of nagging and teasing into three days so you can see that it is quite a challenge. I am also trying to sort through years of accumulated crap that is stored at my Dad's house to help him make some more room for his and his wife Sue's stuff.

Looking through detritus from my childhood isn't that enjoyable, especially when I think about how am I going to fit any of this crap into my 900 square foot house (where we are currently trying to get rid of stuff) or our single car garage. But some of it is fun, like seeing old pictures of my grandma.

It is, of course, delightful to visit with my Dad and Sue and my brother Jeremy and Sue's son Corey. Tomorrow we might go sailing. I'm getting in a lot of cat petting since they have four cats and I'm getting some dog love too with their nice rottweiler mix Daisy.

More later from the exciting burg of Pullman, Wa.

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