Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Update: Crab Rescue, Forward Motion, and Chihuahua Withdrawal

We had a good weekend here in Ventura. The weather was beautiful. The bioblitz went off without a hitch and we had a visit from our friend Jason. On Sunday, Lucy, Jason, Josie, and I went out for breakfast at a great local dive (Dukes) and then we went to Marina Park. One of the wonderful things about living in a beach town is that there are not one, but two playgrounds that are actually ON the beach. It is pretty friggin' awesome to be able to push your child on the swings while watching the waves roll in. Marina Park is one of these lovely spots. We can also watch Mitch and Rick sail by in our new 14 foot sailboat from Marina Park.

While swinging, sliding, and watching the waves, Lucy announced that she had to go to the potty. She and I hot-footed it across the grass, across the parking lot, and into the bathroom. After a successful potty trip, we started back towards the playground. While we were walking through the grass, several hundred yards from the beach, Lucy spotted a crab in the grass. It was about two and a half inches wide and was near a group of picnicking families. It looked like one of the kids might have carted it up from the beach. I thought it wouldn't do very well in the grass, surrounded by sea gulls. So after a few nasty claw attacks, Lucy and I got it loaded into my shoe and carried it back down to the ocean. Chalk up one crab rescue for us.

Josie, meanwhile, is fully mastering the art of crawling forward. She made her first forward motions on Saturday and is now crawling full speed towards any desired object like Lucy's new plastic golf clubs or any paper item that she can attempt to eat quickly before Mitch and I catch on and take it away from her. While the forward crawling has reduced the number of times that she gets stuck in a corner in a day, it hasn't eliminated her tendency to crawl under things like the coffee table and the rocking chair and then thwack herself on the head when she tries to sit up. Crawl on Josie.

I finally put a halt to our bid to adopt the little chihuahua mix. I was stressing out about the fact that he was a stray and hasn't been in a foster home so we have no idea whether he is house-trained, a barking fiend, or food aggressive. In the end, I found that I was dreading hearing from the rescue folks about whether they had picked us as the right family for Briggs or not. He still seems like a fine dog but in the end, I was too unsure of whether he was the right dog for us. Thus the search for the perfect family dog continues.

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