Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gardening and the Girls

Our garden continues to progress. We now have too many tomatoes. We took some to a kid's birthday party that we went to today. Lucy loves to pick them. I put some in omelettes for dinner last night. Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. We are temporarily in a strawberry hiatus, I think because I didn't water the garden at all last week (I usually water it once a week). We had our first cucumber this week. It may be our only cucumber since the plants got nailed in the great heat spell of 2008 (I was in Pullman. Mitch did a great job of watering the front but the plants in the back got hammered). The hot spell killed two of the plants and now they are getting eaten by some mysterious insects. But at least we got one cucumber.

Lucy continues to love gardening, singing songs, making messes, and playing in the park. One of her new favorite games is hide from Jeb where she hides and then the dog finds her. She currently doesn't like sleeping by herself and complains a lot at bed time. She claims she is looking forward to the day when Josie shares her room, we'll see about that.

Josie is a speed crawling fiend and especially kicks her crawling into high gear if she sees that the door to the backyard is open and that she might be able to make a break for it. She loves to stand up and that is totally killing our peaceful nights. Now she wakes up in the middle of the night and stands up in her crib crying for long, long stretches. We tried to let her "cry it out" last night and that was a dismal failure. Picture an hour of crying ending in Josie still crying and Mitch and I practically crying too. So that's out for now. We think Josie will be walking soon since she can now stand by herself for several seconds at a time.

She went to the doctor for a check-up and she said that she was perfect. She is doing year old type stuff at ten months (what a genius) like picking up cheerios with the two finger grip, not the full finger rake (who knew that being able to pick up a cheerio made you a genius. It turns out that we are all more brilliant than we thought...).

They are the girls. We love them. They make us crazy.

Time to go walk to the smoothie store or go walk around the harbor.

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Scott said...

Watch out - you've got a cheerios eating prodigy on your hands!