Friday, March 13, 2009

The B Word

Before Josie was born I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what would be some good nicknames for her. Lucy has a lot of nicknames (Lucy Goosey, the goose, snugglebugs, Luce, Lu) and I didn't want Josie to feel left out right out of the gate. Both of the girls have outrageously long names (Lucile Linnea Brigham Allen and Josephine Jo Jacobson Allen) but we rarely ever call them by their full names (except when they are in trouble). Mitch kind of wanted to do the regular old one middle name for Josie rather than two like we did with Luce but I voted strongly in favor of equality in name length and complexity for both girls. Anyway you can see how with a name like Josephine Jo Jacobson Allen you might want to have a few good nicknames handy. We had already decided that we were going to call her Josie, but other than that good nicknames weren't really springing to mind (I'm not a huge fan of JJ or even triple J and even though my mom was called Jo and Josie has Jo in her name, I'm not super partial to Jo by itself either).

So long story long, right after Josie was born I started calling her Josephine the Bean or just bean for short. Then Bean got shortened to B so now B is one of my nicknames for Josie. Which, it turns out, is pretty darn prescient of me because B is one of Josie's favorite sounds and she now has a whole host of B words that she likes to say. Some of the B words fall into the traditional category (Baby, berry) but others are a bit more, shall we say, creative. Here for your edification, Josie translators everywhere, and for recorded history, is a list of some of Josie's B words.

Bup bup ketchup
bips chips
beepsack sleep sack
biwi fruit kiwi fruit

hmm now that I am sitting here I can only come up with these four. I'll add more later. There are a lot and they are funny. One of the odd things is that some traditional B words she doesn't use the b sound for (e.g., she calls bath time moth ming...) go figure.

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Anthony said...

Ha! Hollis loves B words, too! I'd write them out, but intonation is the key to understanding them. They're all pretty much variations on "bah" or "buh."