Friday, March 13, 2009

In Mississippi Sans Family

A couple of weeks ago Mitch went to Sacramento for a three-day weekend to visit our friends Mike and Scott. They had a good old time playing video games and doing other things that you can't do with a three year old like going to see things get blown up on the big screen. In exchange for my watching the girls solo while Mitch had his play date, Mitch offered to watch the girls while I went to Mississippi to visit Jason and Tiffany. It is kind of a raw deal for Mitch since I left for five days (he only went for three but I could only get cheap tickets if I left on a Thursday and came back on a Monday) and when I hung out with the girls it was an exciting mini-vacation only mom and the girls fiesta while for Mitch it will be the regular work schedule just more of it. So despite feeling guilty and like a slightly bad mom, I seized the chance and jumped on an airplane without a car seat, diaper bag, baby books, squeaky toys and only a single snack (one granola bar).

Many hours and two plane trips later I arrived in Memphis, Tennessee. I've never been to the south before so it is very exciting to be in a new place and get to see my friends. So far it has been pretty gray with a cold mist raining down. Most of the deciduous trees are without their leaves right now. I can tell that Oxford is most likely a spectacular place in the spring and summer with all of the big trees everywhere but it looks a little forlorn right now with all the clouds and naked branches.

There are lots of neat old houses, both wood and brick. So far I've mainly been on campus working on my government resume on-line while Tiffany finishes up administering an exam and Jason does the stuff that professors do (go to lab meetings, have lunch with people, sequence genes). I got to see Tiff and Jas's house which is super cute and very cozy. I slept through the night (how WEIRD) and got up and took a shower (also out of the ordinary for me). I'm looking forward to going to faulkner's house, checking out the local bookstores, going to eat breakfast in an actual restaurant, and going to see a movie in an actual movie theater.

I do miss the girls and Mitch but it sure was nice traveling as an adult. I spent the entire plane rides reading my book (not trying to keep my kids from flipping out) and everything I brought for the entire trip fit in a single backpack smaller than the one I typically leave the house with when going anywhere with the girls. So far it has been a lovely break from my already lovely parental existence.

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Tiffany A said...

Guess what. Today, the day after you left, is a fabulous spring day. It's bright and sunny and about 70 degrees outside. We ate lunch on our back deck even. Your visit was perfectly timed with the most crappy weather we've had in about two weeks. Sorry friend. You will indeed have to come back sometime. Despite the weather, we loved having you here!