Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Catching Up

A lot has happened since March 21st. I got a stomach flu from Lucy and spent some wonderful time puking my guts up. The vomiting only lasted 6 hours but the nausea lasted for a week! Crazy stuff. After the stomach flu my brother Jeremy came to visit and we all went down to San Diego to Becca and Rob and Ava and Max's house for March Madness. We had a great weekend with the Lewison-German clan and the Riley Kelleys. We also got to see Allie and Tom while in SD. We took Jeremy to Legoland (not as cool as Disneyland in my opinion and no place for short people it turns out. Lucy could only ride three of the rides in the whole place. They did have a really cool log play structure though), the San Diego zoo, and a cold breezy beach day.

Then I had a super stressful few days trying to finish up my resume and complete my job application for the Chief of Interpretation and Education at my park. I would dearly love to get that job. I think it would be really interesting and would have lots of new challenges. But it will be very competitive because it is an interesting, good paying job. Only time will tell. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I've also managed to catch another cold which I am still fighting off after a full week of coughing up huge chunks of snot and clogged sinuses every night.

The girls are doing fantastic other than making us crazy at night but each of them crying and being obnoxious several times every night. There's nothing like lack of sleep and illness to put a harsh edge on everything.

I'm going to cut this rambling catching up post off. More later.

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