Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wordy Girls

Both Lucy and Josie are big talkers. Lucy is a determined listener who loves to sing songs and repeat whole sections of lyrics. She also seems to have inherited her mom's inability to correctly hear many lyrics. She and her cousin Aidan once had a two hour argument over whether mickey mouse clubhouse went "come inside its come inside" or "come inside its fun inside." You can guess who was on which side. Not surprisingly, Lucy wouldn't back down. Lucy's weekend line in the sand is that a library book we are reading is called "the Queen of Palloween." Even though the book is all about Halloween. The book did lead to a fun discussion of all the things Lucy has been for past halloweens, like the butterfly.

Josie is learning more and more words every day. She is difficult to understand but if you repeat back what you think she is saying, you can get somewhere. At dinner last night we thought she was saying bun and we kept giving her hot dog bun much to her disgust until finally I realized she was saying Fawn and was able to give her the fairy doll she wanted (which was also on the table.). Josie's big sentence this weekend is "Fabian will have an adventure." from the storybook about Hondo and Fabian that Matt and Denise and Casey sent.

Talking, it runs in our family...


Tiffany A said...

Nice posts after quite a dry spell. Love the girls. Love the pigs. Wish we could have been there to celebrate Mitch's birthday again. :-|

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

Ha! Hollis says, "waffle." Well, and a few other words, but we're just now hitting the two syllable ones. Sentences are a distant dream at this point!