Sunday, April 26, 2009

Denise, Matt and Casey Visit

Matt and Denise escaped my one photo from their visit, but here is Mitch, Josie, Lucy and Casey.

We had a great visit two weeks ago with our friends Matt, Denise, and Casey. Lucy and Casey got along great with Lucy climbing all over Casey and ordering him around constantly. We hit a lot of the Ventura classics like the beach, the harbor carousel, fish and chips at the Harbor, picking veggies and feeding carrots to animals at Underwood Family Farms, and generally hanging out. Matt and Denise taught us a new card game. They were extremely tolerant of guest living in our little house which involves sleeping on crappy air beds in our living room and being awoken at 6 AM by Lucy jumping on you at 6 AM, and having Katafanga sleep on your head all night long.

Hopefully we will see Matt, Denise, and Casey again when we go through Seattle this summer.

1 comment:

Casey's mom said...

After we left your house it was all Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. If you don't stop by our house this summer Casey will hunt you down.