Monday, May 18, 2009

Mom Memorial Weekend

Yes, I know Memorial Day isn't until next weekend but this past weekend I had my own personal memorial weekend to remember my mom. On Saturday I worked at our native plant fair, educating the public about the joys of gardening with native plants and selling a few left-over native plants from our nursery to the public to raise funds for park restoration projects. This was definitely an activity my mom would have been way into.

Then I went home and gardened for a few minutes, planting basil and a new tomato plant and watering all the babies so they wouldn't croak while we're gone to Davis this week. Another very mom-like activity.

Then I took a nap with Lucy. Napping is a long Brigham tradition popular with both my dad and my mom.

Then on Sunday we went and picked up a free pair of sliding glass doors for our backyard playhouse/guest room project. The doors are totally bombproof (double-paned glass) and are oddly tall (over 7 feet). Getting anything for free was a big plus with my mom.

And then the coup de gras (is that how you spell that?) was going to two garage sales that we ran into on the way home. Not up to my mom's standards in the planning department but I was just happy to squeeze in some garage saleing especially since I was at work on Saturday morning. We bought a doll for Lucy (initially advertised for $10 by a little girl, subsequently re-priced at 0.50 by her dad...), some dress up shoes for the girls, and a wand for Josie. Big hits all around.

Overall it was a nice weekend of good Mom memories and honoring the past with some Brigham family traditions.

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