Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nothing Profound

We went to Disneyland on Friday with Ray, Tyler, Chloe, Lena, Rob, and MJ. The princesses and the girls had a mutual lovefest captured on film.

Today we finally re-planted the garden for summer although the we was pretty marginal. Lucy and Josie ran around in the neighbors yard and ultimately got in trouble for not listening. Mitch was more of an active partner, buying the plants and compost I needed from Lowe's while Josie and I took a nap. Mitch also did a number on the weeds with a hand trowel and the weed whacker. He even managed to leave behind the few flowers that I planted last year.

We also had a nice morning in the jogger and at the pool at the Y. The late afternoon was a bit more challenging with Lucy and I getting into it in the grocery store parking lot because she was a brat the whole way to the store. I ended up yelling at her and getting the stink-eye from some passers-by (don't judge unless you've lived with my kid for 24 hours - she's a charmer but she's TOUGH). I need to practice my anger management skills more and focus on breathing, counting, re-directing, and ignoring. We've been doing a lot of positive reinforcement but that doesn't always get you anywhere with miss stubborn.

Another week in the trenches ahead with two seminars (UCLA and UC Irvine) to give and a bunch of other crap to do...

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