Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At the Beach

Josie before eating sand

Josie after eating sand.

Lucy loves drama but doesn't like the camera.

Josie LOVES the beach.

Two weekends ago I took the girls to the beach by myself on Friday. We have a great kid beach in Ventura. I never thought that some of the best features of a beach would be: a life guard, a swimming area, and the ocean behind a breakwater with a very shallow sandy beach. Although this is not the beach that I would take out of town guests to without small children because it looks straight at a breakwater/jetty thing and not the open ocean, it is the perfect beach for little kids. Especially for single moms with little kids. We brought Matt, Denise and Casey here when they were visiting and Casey loved. My biggest triumphs were that I put the beach umbrella up by myself (hey, it is a stiff s.o.b. and it was windy), and that no one was injured or ate anything dead washed up on the beach. Yes, there was probably a lot more sand transported home in underpants and hair than if Mitch had been on the job. But we had a grand time.

Here I am, not looking stylish but at least preventing sun burn in Mitch's hat.

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