Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lucy's Many Birthdays

We had the first of Lucy's many birthday celebrations last Saturday. Lucy's actual birthday is this coming Saturday but we are going to be out of town that day so we had an early party for her last weekend. Lucy and I made the invitations together and then Lucy gave them to all her friends. Seth and Elise were privileged to be the only adults with no kids that were invited.

We had the party at Marina Park. Despite some challenges (May gray weather, a puddle of death right next to the picnic table, another birthday party with a jumper and pirate costumes) all the kids still had a fantastic time. Lucy loved playing with all her friends, making kites, eating pizza, eating cupcakes, and of course, the PRESENTS!!

Lucy loved all her presents. We have been reading all her new books constantly. Her two favorite presents were a pink sleeping beauty dress with LIGHTS on it (seriously, it has a battery pack) courtesy of Rick, Sarah, Jonas and Elliot and FOUR pairs of plastic high heeled princess shoes courtesy of Ryan, Mary, Dylan and Evan.

It is really nice to have such a nice group of little people and parents to keep us all company.

Lucy's next birthday party will be on Friday when we let her open her family gifts from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Jo and Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sue and us. Then on her actual birthday we'll eat a few more cupcakes and give her a couple of small gifts.

Rock on with the birthdays!

The invitation

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