Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Behind...

Josie with frosting and new "mom's birthday" princess dress up.

Backyard preparation for the little house.

Lucy making my cupcakes. Nice tiara.

So much has happened since my last post. I may just have to skip ahead. Mitch has been hard at work dismantling our backyard in preparation for the great little house building project of 2009. He has single-handedly destroyed much of the living vegetation in the backyard to make room for the proposed 10 by 10 structure. We have strayed quite a bit from our original concept as we have been busily acquiring random bits and pieces to use from Craigs List. The current ingredient list includes glass sliding doors with lots of little panes of glass, a single door with a big pane of glass, a second door that we will use for a window, and some plywood. We are working on getting some bamboo flooring cheap as well. Jim and Barb arrive next week to help out with the project. I have my fingers crossed that a miracle will occur and we will be able to get most of it built while they are here (note that the baseboard trim for our dining nook floor that we didn't do while they were here working 5 years ago is still not done...).

I took a week-long trip to the desert for work. It was very hot, very empty, and quite threatened by weeds.

We took Josie to the surgeon and he is convinced that her surgery was a success and just needs a couple more months to get up and running. We shall see. For now, on with the anti-biotics.

I applied for and did not get a new job as the Chief of Interpretation for our park. I am disappointed but remain hopeful that eventually something better will come along. Of course it sucks to not get picked, too much like kickball in grade school, or maybe even dodgeball where they kick balls at you in front of a wall...

I'm having a rather uneventful birthday full of work for the man. I did get in some good cuddling with the girls and had some delicious cupcakes thanks to Mitch and Lucy. I'm looking for some good birthday traditions so if you have any, let me know. This year I joined Matt Baldwin's Infinite Jest project for my birthday. You should too, join that is, not for your birthday. It's not too late to become a part of Infinite Summer.

More some about my trivial life some other day.

Mitch is tired after all the shrubbery removal.

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