Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Parties, Swimming Pools and I already Forgot what we did on Friday...

Lucy with her dagger and crown - birthday party spoils

It was another busy weekend around here. I seriously already can't remember what we did on Friday. I guess I took the girls to Marina Park to play while Mitch put in a couple of hours on the little house. We barely made it through Friday since both Josie and Lucy kept us up Friday night. I was pretty much hating life on Friday. We're back at sleep training Josie (for the forty billionth time) since I really enjoyed sleeping through the night while they were in Colorado and I'm not prepared to give it up. Thursday night was hell and Friday pretty much sucked.

Saturday was much better. Friday night was a little better in the sleep department and Mitch and I managed to get up and go to PILATES in the morning! That was great fun. I think that was the first organized exercise class that Mitch has ever been to and it involved the use of a yoga mat...

Saturday afternoon we went to this amazing kids birthday party where the mom of Willow (whose birthday it was) had made all these amazing home made games and prizes. The kids stayed busy for three hours fishing for toiletpaper roll fish, throwing home made bean bags through holes in the hand-painted mushroom, playing kiss the frog, and other games. Lucy spent a good 40 minutes decorating her crown and dagger (although Josie drove her crazy by calling the dagger a "jewel leaf").

On Sunday we went to the YMCA swimming pool, had a nap, Mitch took Lucy to the movies and Josie and I walked to the grocery store. The day wrapped up with a trip to the park, some tofu dogs, a bath, and some quality time watching Ratatouie.

Here's hoping the sleeping goes well tonight.

Two funny Josie notes for the weekend. I let her walk half-way home from the grocery store before I finally couldn't take walking at the pace of a two year old any more and put her in the stroller. When she started walking she had her hands clasped together until I told her that on the sidewalk she didn't have to hold hands. She always says, "I want to hold mine own hand."

Her big thing right now is to say, "That's all I need." So she'll pick up three books and head out of the living room with a jolly, "That's all I need." I hope you all have what you need, and as Bono says, I also hope you can get behind the statement, "What you don't have, you don't need it now, don't need it now..."

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