Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who Is Afraid of the Big Bad Public Option?

O.k. people, I've got a few things to say here. First, I admit that I don't fully understand what the public option of the proposed health care plan even is. I've done a lot of reading and listening and I'm still not sure I understand it. That said, not understanding something has never kept me from having an opinion in the past and it isn't going to stop me now.

1.) What do you not understand about the word OPTION? If you don't want a government insurance plan, then don't sign up for one you freaking moron. It's an OPTION no one is going to force you to sign up for the public option and if it sucks and fails miserably, it will go away because no one will sign up for it. Since when have we been opposed to OPTIONS? I, for one, love options.

2.) What do you not like about the government? Who do you think we are? I work for the man, I AM the government. And I am here to tell you, we are darn nice people. We may not always be as efficient as you would like, and there may be a lot of us, but we take our obligation to SERVE the public seriously. If you really look at the government, the real government - not the imaginary shadow government with its black helicopters or the government of old white men that comes and goes, but the real government. The people who go to the government offices every day and file the papers and answer the phones, the people sitting at the lotta lotta nice desks and chairs at the government center, you will find out that we are YOU. We are your sisters, your uncles, your aunts, your weird cousins and your disfunctional step-niece. So I don't who you are that you think we can't do a good job with insurance, because we can.

3.) Regarding point number two, and this is a philosophical point I admit, but ask yourself, who do you trust more to have your back in health care, the government, or a bunch of for profit corporate types? I know the government but I don't know your corporations, your shareholders, your bottom-line profit people. Maybe they will all do a good job. But shouldn't we have options? And I for one would like to have my by the people for the people public options.

4.) And finally, several months ago I heard Robert Reich on Morning Edition talking about health care reform. Bob is a lot smarter than me and he said we should be leery of any health care reform without a public option. Bob said we shouldn't accept health care reform without a public option.

So I say to you, co-ops are great, I love co-ops. Let's have them too. But GIVE ME MY PUBLIC OPTION!! There is nothing to fear but insurance company lobbiest. Get thee away from my health care reform and GIVE ME MY PUBLIC OPTION.


Jessica said...

I second this Boomvang motion.

PS: My word verification was "bamusfic." Somehow it's fitting, don't you think??

TiffanyB said...

Right on C. A lack of knowledge, illuminated by a tense discussion with family, prompted us to read up. Knowing more, I can say I'm for the public option. What irks me is when people get freaked out about the cost. I have to wonder if these folks were freaked out when congress was authorizing billions of dollars every three months to finance a war nobody wanted. From what I can tell, the benefits from spending our money this way will be far greater than what we've "gained" from our occupation of Iraq.

And I'll buy almost anything that Robert Reich says.