Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Enough Time in the Day: Weekend Update

I spent the weekend hanging out with the girls so that Mitch could make some progress on the little house. We actually had to go backward on the little house a bit since it turned out that it wasn't as weather-proof as an outbuilding should be ideally. Mitch talked to a general contractor friend of ours and he said that one should really put some kind of waterproof material between the plywood walls and the siding. So Mitch had to take off the metal siding and install this tarpaper like stuff and then replace the siding. I had to work Friday AM so that left Friday afternoon, all Saturday, and Sunday morning for Mitch to work on the house. He did a great job and got us back to where we started - one side of siding finished but this time WITH waterproofing!

What did the girls and I do?

Friday afternoon - the park. No biggee.

Saturday AM - Farmers market, bakery, and then THE BEACH! It was overcast and at first I thought the girls were going to stay out of the water and just build sand castles. No such luck, after an hour of sand castles it was everyone into the water. With a life jacket each and a life guard nearby, I felt relatively relaxed about the whole thing. Trying to de-sandify them for the picnic lunch and van ride home SUCKED.

Saturday PM - the park. No biggee.

Sunday AM - YMCA Swimming Pool. Lucy tried out her new swimsuit from Grandma Jo since the ariel swimsuit was still sandy. The green stripes and sassy skirt were a big hit.

Sunday PM- Catching roly poly bugs in the garden before releasing them, harvesting lettuce and tomatoes, watering the side yard, and planting peas.

It was a busy but good weekend.

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