Monday, February 8, 2010

Little House Update

Mitch has been working hard non-stop pretty much every weekend since New Years. It's tough going trying to get work done in a few days each weekend that are always interrupted by nap times or dinner time or what have you. He has persevered though. We have had several heavy rain storms which luckily allowed us to find the gaps and figure out waterproofing needs. Mitch has now waterproofed one side (the one with the two windows and the metal siding). Mitch had to use a clever combination of metal flashing and roofing tar to seal up the bottom of the house and then a bunch of sealer around all of the window and siding seams. I actually did a tiny bit of work on the house myself - painting the two sides of the house that are covered in siding and face the neighbors yards. Now they are painted tan to match the big house although no one except the neighbors ever sees this part of the house. I also filled the nail holes on the front of the house with putty but Mitch did all the sanding to perfection. You may notice that the lovely wooden panels from the front of the house are off. They started to warp in the sun and we had to take them off so they could dry straight. The front of the house was also leaking so now we have a big tarp over the front until we can get the boards straightened, back on, and the front all sealed up. Mitch has also been working on painting the outside and doing the drywall inside. All the drywall is up and now we are in the extended mud, putty, and sanding phase before we can put on the primer and paint the inside. Ah, the never ending process.

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Sandy said...

Wow! It looks great. Love your color choice.