Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ojai Hiking Last Friday

Lucy with prickly phlox.
Josie looking through "noculators""
Mitch happy to not be working on the little house for one moment on the weekend.
Hannah, Josie, and Lucy stopping for snacks at the farm.
Lucy getting a short carry.
Ian and Lucy enjoying their hike.
Los Padres hills of chaparral.
Jojo hiking.

Last Friday we went hiking up in the Los Padres National Forest above Ojai. It was a beautiful sunny day and we went with two different family friends with their kids. The girls loved hiking and actually hiked almost the whole way themselves. We even forded two streams and for one Lucy took off her shoes, socks, and pants and waded across holding my hand. The rocks were super pokey and she didn't even complain. Lucy is excited to go back and camp there one day soon.