Monday, February 8, 2010

Monkeybars and Troll Bridges

Lucy is so fast on the monkeybars and sliding down the pole, all you can catch is her hair.

Crazy hair swinging on the rings.

LuLu's hair again as she flies off on the rings.

Lucy hiding from the camera.

Lucy launching off the monkeybars.

Lucy in motion on the monkeybars.

Lucy on the rings.

JoJo on the "tightrope"

More tightrope walking.

Josie posing on the tightrope.

Josie playing "troll bridge".

Lucy really kicks butt on the monkeybars and the rings these days. She started practices the monkeybars about six or eight months ago and now she is a pro and LOVES to race back and forth on the monkeybars and the rings. She actually has callouses on her palms from all her monkeybar work. Josie loves to play troll bridge from Dora the Explorer and will run back and forth on the bridge about 30 or 40 times as long as you play the "troll" trying to get her. Pictured here is also JoJo's "tight rope walking" on the metal supports of the bridge. She gets up and down onto these supports all by herself and then walks back and forth up there.

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