Monday, March 29, 2010

Little House Update

I think when I last posted a little house update Mitch was just finishing up the drywall. Since then he spent three weekends painting the inside and outside trim. We chose several bold colors that took many, many layers of paint. After the paint was done, then there was a weekend for installing the ceiling of plywood veneer. I actually helped with that a tiny bit by varnishing the plywood and then holding up pieces while Mitch miraculously drilled and screwed in the pieces one-handed while using his other hand to hold up the wood. It was an impressive site.

We still have a few details left on the ceiling like the molding but that should get done next weekend. Mitch spent this past weekend finishing off the deck to connect the little house to the rest of the deck. It looks great but I haven't had a chance in daylight to take a picture of it since Mitch finished last night at 8 PM.

Next weekend our friends Christopher and Rachel and their family are coming for a visit so aside from finishing the molding on Friday, it will be a short break from little house servitude. Then on to installing the oak hardwood flooring and finishing up the outside roof overhang and window sills.

Unfortunately, both Mitch and I are seriously sick of this project but it will be beautiful when it is done. And, I have to believe that we are in the home stretch...

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