Monday, March 29, 2010

That's How I Work

Classic Lucy Moment:
At dinner:
Lucy, "I want a piggie bank like your green frog one Mom except I want one that isn't breakable."
Christy: "Well, maybe you should tell the Easter Bunny that you want a piggie bank."
Lucy: "Haha Mom, you're joking. A piggie bank won't fit in an egg!"

Classic Josie Moment:
Christy hands Josie a napkin, "Josie, wipe your hands on this napkin."
Josie: "My hands are clean. I wiped them on the table."
Christy: "Oh, well it is better to wipe them on a napkin. Next time can you wipe them on a napkin?"
Josie: "No. I wipe my hands on the table. That is how I work."

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