Monday, March 29, 2010

Vegan Dinner for Six

In mid-February our friends Allie and Tom and Tim and Caitlin all came up for the weekend. Allie went to a native plant gardening workshop and the rest of the gang lolled about (ate breakfast, went to the beach, etc.). Allie is on a vegan diet so we made a big vegan feast on Saturday night. It was delicious. It was great fun having all of the gang up for a visit but we were sad that not everyone fit in the little house. Apparently four adults is a few too many to cram into 80 square feet. Allie did fine sleeping on the couch though because she is such a trooper.

One unexpected outcome of the weekend: after showing Allie and Caitlin the dog adoption sites that I check regularly for the perfect family dog for the brigham-allens, Caitlin and Tim ended up adopting Pickles from a local lab rescue group. I haven't heard any recent updates - I hope Pickles is settling in (last I heard he had peed on the rug, several times...).

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