Monday, March 29, 2010

Rest In Peace Caramelo Guinea Pig, We will miss you

The Boys enjoying a feast of grass freshly weeded from the side yard. We will miss Melo.

This weekend after an incredibly brief lethargic period, Caramelo guinea pig died. On Friday night he had some extra eye crusties and I thought, "hmm, we might need to take this Guinea pig to the vet." Saturday morning he was lethargic and only perked up after I held him and petted him for fifteen minutes but then he seemed to feel better. I called the one Guinea pig vet in Ventura but they were closed and by 3 Pm when I checked on him, he was dead.

I'm very sad to lose one of the Boys. They have been such good pets for all of us. We had a good thing going, what with the grass eating, the eating of all the left over fruits and veggies, the petting, the running around on the bathroom floor, and the eating carrots and watching t.v. together. I would say that losing a guinea pig is in between the gold fish dying (hey, we haven't lost a goldfish in over a year...) but below when one of my soul mate dogs has died. It is still a pretty seriously big bummer for me as an animal lover.

We had a funeral for Melo on Sunday afternoon. It really seemed to sink in for Lucy that he was gone and we wouldn't see him anymore. Josie totally doesn't get it and keeps asking to take him out of the cage.

Now I'm worried about Oreo and am keeping a close eye on him. I also got him some new toys and a wooden house and crawl tube to try and introduce some variety and distract him from the loss of his brother. I hope he will be alright. He doesn't show any symptoms of being ill...But I worry because Melo went so quickly from seeming fine to being dead.

We also have to decide now whether to get another guinea pig companion for Oreo. We will keep an eye on him and see how he does.

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