Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Appreciation of the Tiffster

So I write in this blog every so often, as you may have noticed. I like writing here. It is definitely a self-indulgent exercise but I also like to think that it is informative for those few people my world who live far away but want to keep tabs on the haps at the Brigham-Allen household. For the toothsome hand-crafted essays there is Mitch's blog. But for the day to day schlock (when I'm up for it), Boomvang is the place.

But what I really wanted to take a moment to write about here is my friend Tiffany. Tiffany is one of my best friends, ever. She is the kind of person who really listens when you talk to her and gives you her advice in a kind and gentle way even if she knows you won't like it. She always remembers your birthday and calls you even if you haven't called her in years. She remembers the quirky stuff about a person like that they don't particularly like most cooked vegetables. And she has lots of wonderful quirky traits of her own like she has a very strict anti-dry skin regimen and she loves all things small and furry (especially cats) and she is always reading some nutty book that she heard a review of on NPR (like the essays by all the super old people - the hundred year old people) and she can never get enough of Law and Order. Those aren't really the essential elements of Tiffany, just a grab bag of things that come to mind at this instant. The bottom line is that she, like so many of my friends who tolerate what a crap friend I often am (I am a cancerian, if you don't like the claws and the hard exterior than BACK OFF!!), is a truly wonderful individual.

And, back to where I started, with the blog, one of the many things about her that is truly wonderful is that she not only reads my blog, but she frequently posts comments so that I know that she is out there and has read my post and has something to say about it. And they don't have to be pithy thoughts, though they often are, sometimes it is just an "awesome" about a silly post about my little goose.

Anyway, Tiffany kicks ass and I can't wait to go visit her and Jason in two weeks. I apologize for the serious Tiffany picture. I can't find any of the fun, doing other things pictures of Tiffany on my computer...

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Tiffany A said...

Awww... how nice of you to make a blog post ALL about ME! I feel so honored. Did you know that about the time you were writing that I was probably laid out on the couch, watching a fourth hour of Law and Order:SVU? Your timing is uncanny. Actually, yesterday, I spent a good deal of time watching E!s THS about supermodels: Tyra Banks kind of kicks ass.

Been home sick with the flu -- your gushy post makes me feel better. Thx C. I heart u.