Tuesday, February 24, 2009

While I am sending out the love...

After getting all teary-eyed over how much I love my friend Tiffany, I starting thinking that I really ought to also post at least a brief shout out to my San Diego buddies. Mitch and I have a group of very close friends in San Diego that we like to mooch off of and hang out with on a regular basis. These are people that are basically like our extended family. People we can go visit when we are happy or sad, or tired of southern California traffic or tired of our kids. However we are, they take us in, feed us, let us use their towels and spread our crap all over their houses, and generally make us feel happy to be alive and among friends.

A couple of weeks ago I had a work trip to San Diego so in a typical fashion, on extremely short notice, we bundled up our family of four including two extremely loud toddlers and showed up on our friend's Allie and Tom's doorstep. Not only did they take us in and feed us and tolerate all of our faults (which are numerous) but in typical fashion Allie arranged for us to get together with all of our other friends, let me borrow her car and Tom let me eat his breakfast bars and use up lots of solar-powered electricity. I've known Allie for an eternity and the fact that she still actually likes me (at least I think that she does...) just goes to show that the universe is a kind, generous, and forgiving place.

In that same trip we managed to eat lots of delicious food, make total messes, and then immediately disappear from Allie and Tom's house, Rob and Becca's house, and Caitlin and Tim's house. I hope they will all come to Ventura soon and inflict the same on us - except I hope they will stay longer.

We did recently have a wonderful visit from Becca, Rob, Ava and Max thanks to Elise's wonderful community organizing skills. And while it was fabulous to see them, as always, I must say that they didn't leave a speck of mess behind in our house - in fact I think Becca actually did not only any dishes they got dirty but some that had been sitting in our sink for several weeks...

So anyway, any San Diegans out there that are reading this, we love you guys and we hope you'll come visit soon.

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