Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mahh Ming!!!

In an unfortunate turn of events, Lucy likes to copy Josie. This results in some pretty annoying behaviors (it is funny when your 1.5 year old puts fake food in her mouth. When your 3.5 year old does it, it's just kind of gross). One of the unexpected outcomes of this pattern is the formation of our own special language. With Lucy copying Josie and Josie struggling to communicate, we have generated some of our own Allenisms. Here is a short list

mah ming - bath time (it doesn't even sound that close...)
bopple - apple
eeeese - cheese
oooose - juice
oooe - shoe (you can see how it can get confusing around here - do you want a shoe or something to drink?)
o ert - yogurt (I thought she was saying "over there" for a long time - that really made her mad...)
and of course, Bert - lentils and rice

Meanwhile Lucy now uses words like random and actually in appropriate ways in long sentences but is still a bit confused by the transition between today and tomorrow (she prefers to just use the generic, "this day").

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