Friday, February 13, 2009


I am grateful for the little people and my big person on Valentines Day

I am one of those people, those people who bad mouth valentines day and never get it together to go out for a romantic dinner or what have you. But I must say that this valentines day I am feeling very appreciative of all my peoples everywhere. I am definitely a flawed human being who suffers from such faults as not being as nice to people as I should be, getting crabby with my kids, saying crap and jesus with sufficient frequency that Lucy now says crap and jesus, eating too much chocolate, not running enough, the list goes on and on. But having a whole wide variety, panoply, smorgasborg of friends of all different shapes, sizes, and meanings definitely helps me get by.

Having kids has really made me appreciate all the different kinds of relationships that help support a flawed individual like myself. Before kids I was kind of a one person, one dog kind of person. I knew a lot of people and got along with a lot of people (although there have always been those relationships of mutual disregard...) but was really only close with three, four, maybe five people. But now that graduate school is over and many (not all, but many) of my "people" have moved far away, I find myself sustained both by these long distance relationships (you know who you are) but also by a whole spectrum of other friendships.

So this valentines day, while I am thankful for my main man mitch, and my two crazy girls who I love LOVE LOVE, I am also thankful for my families (genetic and through marriage), and my people people, and my park friends, and my work friends, and my preschool friends. It takes a village not just to raise a child but also to sustain us flawed individuals. So happy valentines day.

P.S. i was inspired to write about valentines day by Jessica's post and tiffany's constant championing of this crappy ass holiday

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Tiffany A said...

just to be clear: my "championing" doesn't mean I'm all for going crazy romantic on Feb 14 with the flowers, the cards, and the gazing, just that I do generally appreciate the idea. Nothing wrong with celebrating Love, romantic or otherwise. That said, Happy Valentine's Day C.!