Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy to have a job, but what is it that I do again?

It is beautiful where I work. You should come see it! A green island in the sea of

With the recent economic conditions and the latest jobless report (600,000 more unemployed in January), I am feeling pretty darn happy to have a job, let alone one that I don't dread going to every morning and that actually pays a living wage. Despite that general job satisfaction, I have been suffering some job related angst recently.

Due to a series of side projects, acting assignments, and overly enthusiastic volunteering escapades, my job/career/time at work has recently lost focus. A single day might contain a consultation on weed killing, advising one or two graduate students about study design, writing an outreach plan, drafting a timeline for implementing the design of the new gillette ranch visitor center exhibits, and talking to a french guy about 900 kids singing songs about trees. I frequently find myself wondering, "what is it that I do again? And beyond that, what is it that I want to do / might be trained to do / might have a future in/?"

Can I get a job as a person within the national park service who has no supervisor (no offense to my current supervisor but who really wants a supervisor anyway?), gets to meddle whereever they want, and is generally called in for a short-time period to get shit done? You can call me the fixer...

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