Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stuck in a ...

Stuck in an old tire bin (that's what my friend Sarah and I used to think the CCR lyrics were instead of stuck in Lodi again - who knew what Lodi was??). No, just stuck in a bit of a rut. I've always disliked rut-generating things such as off-road motorbikes, ATVs, and even mountain bikes (maybe it was that time drunks wielding shotguns drove through a fence on their ATVs and ran over my field experiments...). Anyway my dislike of ruts extends to not only the physical but also the metaphorical.

While ruts in the real world and the psychological world may be a fact of every day existence (they are for me anyway), once I realize I'm in one (acknowledging is the first step), I like to make a plan of action for extricating myself. A psychological digging out and laying down of the logs so to speak.

I've been in a bit of a rut recently - able to hang with the girls, produce at least some worthwhile items at work, and not injure myself or anyone else but not able to take it to the next level by actually exercising, cleaning the bathroom or working my way through the pile of laundry. This weekend I resolved to break on through to the other side with this ambitious plan:
Fri AM - jogging with the girls
Sat AM - yoga at the Y
Sun AM - jogging with the girls
sometime - clean the bathroom

I managed to go running, go to yoga, and the clean the bathroom but not make the second day of running (I begged off with a sore throat). I say three out of four ain't bad. I am feeling a bit better. Physical exercise is always good and I'm seriously digging the second day achy muscles from the yoga. I did have an idiot moment at yoga where I couldn't find my yoga mat and refused to borrow one from the Y (because I was too embarassed) and I got to overcome the unpleasantness of the hard floor in order to achieve inner peace (so I've got that going for me).

So out of this rut and hopefully smooth traveling for a bit.

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