Thursday, March 27, 2008

Furry Turncoats

Once upon a time my friend Tiffany got mad at her cat Pooh for, at times, preferring Elise's lap to her own. At least I think that is the incident that inspired Mitch to write and sing a song called Little Furry Turncoats. It was an excellent song. I can't remember any of the lyrics except for the part about furry turncoats. Well now we have a furry turncoat of our own. Our cat, Katafanga (pictured above) has abandoned our house for the peace and tranquility of Seth and Elise's neighboring abode. Perhaps it has something to do with the absence of small yelling people in Seth and Elise's house. Or maybe it is the better furniture for napping or the sunnier windows for lying in. Whatever it is, we never see our fat cat until after 10 PM every night when Seth and Elise boot him out of their house, close the cat door, and force him to come home for the night.

Loyalty, it's just not a word in a cat's vocabulary...

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