Saturday, March 29, 2008

Will they grow back?

Do you remember the Simpsons episode where Homer gets his arms stuck inside the soda machine? Numerous people try to get them out and eventually the fire department is called. The firemen tell Homer that they are going to have to cut his arms off, to which he replies, "Will they grow back?" At this point in the story one of the firefighters says to Homer, "Wait a second, you're not still holding on to a can of soda are you?" And Homer replies, "Your point being?"

Lucy is a lot like Homer Simpson in this regard. Whenever we get ready to leave the house she rushes around in a frenzy collecting all of her "things" that she needs to bring with her. These things typically include several pennies, some rocks, sister bear, Lion, maybe some plastic dinosaurs, and various and sundry other goods. As we exit the house, her arms are typically bursting with goods.

Today as we walked towards the mall with Grandma Jo, Josie, and Mitch, she had sister bear, Lion, a necklace, and her green purse. She immediately found some Magnolia seeds that she wanted to pick up, at which point she passed off Lion and her purse to me. By the time we reached the mall she had accumulated several rocks, seeds, flowers, and was still clutching sister bear and three pacifiers.

She needs to grow a couple of more limbs just to carry all of her stuff...

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