Sunday, March 9, 2008

Six word Autobiography

The other day while catsitting for our friends Seth and Elise, I noticed a new clipping on their refrigerator. It was called Really Short Autobiographies or something like that, and it was a collection of six word autobiographies from the Los Angeles Times. Two of my favorite ones from the article were "Put whole self in, shook about." and, "Lots of Lucy, little bit Ethel." I thought to myself, "now here is a project I can really get behind." Even I have time to come up with six words to describe my life so far. So here they are, a brief collection of my brief autobiographies.

1. Sometimes pee when laughing, worth it.
2. Hardly ever bored, friends, babies, books.
3. Sage-smelling pants, pacifier in pocket.
4. Whenever possible, took naps.

And this contribution from Mitch (he thinks this is my autobiography), kicked ass, took names.

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