Monday, March 17, 2008

You have to learn how to do THAT?

Lucy learning how to eat corn on the cob.

This weekend one of our many activities was teaching Lucy how to eat corn on the cob. She loves corn but hasn't eaten much of it actually on the cob, the best way to eat it. We bought corn on the cob at Underwood Family Farms after riding the ponies and feeding the goats, bunnies, alpacas, and sheep. So at dinner Lucy was trying to figure out how to eat the corn. She asked us, "You eat the whole thing?" And then once Mitch explained to her that you only eat the outside, then she started instructing me on how to eat corn.

"Mom, Mom!! You only eat the outside. Only eat the outside Mom!". Then she spent another ten minutes point out the six uneaten corn kernels left on my cob.

It is truly amazing all the things you learned to do before you remember, like keeping your spit in your mouth, walking, not peeing in a diaper, and, eating corn.

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